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Synopsis of the Television Serise "The Legend of Bruce Lee"

Bruce Lee is considered as master of Chinese Kungfu. He, as the only Chinese, once ranked among Time’s list of 20 century’s heroes and idols. Bruce’s 32-year’s life was short but shining. Along with the popularity of his martial arts films, Chinese Kungfu becomes well known around the world.

Young Bruce Lee doesn’t like study but interests in martial arts. He debuts in his father’s film. In a street set-to, he is defeated and then makes up his mind to learn martial arts from master Yewen. After crazy practice, Lee wins Hong Kong’s boxing champion when seventeen.

20 Episodes TV series "The Kiss of Yi and Yi"

The story happened beside you and me. Yao Yi and Yang Yi, two girls in the city, had similar name and similar age but not similar character and emotion experience. They believed firmly that it was fate and favor that made them became good friends that can discuss every topic and that made them faced...

Israel film "The Galilee Eskimos''

An old Kibbutz in the Hills of Galilee finds itself immersed in deep debt and is threatened by lawsuits from bankers to the point of bankruptcy. On the evening prior to the arrival of the bailiffs, men, women and children abandon their homes, taking with them all their possessions. The sun rises ov...

26-episode TV Series "Biography of Xia Ren" 【HD】

Xia Qiu, a little scamp, was brought up in a slum district of Hong Kong. His father left for America to find a job when he was 5-year old and no news heard from him ever since, while his mother was in delicate health, which made him have but only one idea that was "living for existence" from childho...

HD Documentary "Forest Sonata"

Forest Sonata is a nice documentary about natural ecosystem. it takes china central television (ttcv) four years to complete. and it covers most of china’s major forests and nature preservation zones, for instance, the vast forests in northeast china, qinnling, the taklamakan desert, the southeaste...

The first 108-episodes seeking novelty serial in China "The Cathaysian Anecdotes"

With unique perspective and phenomenal stories, we produce characterized programs for audience. The first 108-episodes seeking novelty serial in China, “The Cathaysian Anecdotes”, based in China, is showing the most phenomenal and abnormal anecdotes through the vivid and unique angle. The audienc...
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