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27 Episodes TV Series '10-Sun Life and Death'

In the summer of 1943, Japanese army is trying to annihilate the main force of the Eighth Route Army in Beishan areas. Officially informed by the political department, Liu Liang (acted by Hebing) is appointed as captain of a seven people detachment, escorting Wu Xiaojin, the correspondent of Kuomintang Central News Agency from the front to the Headquarter safe and sound. They must take a journey of 150 kilometers through the enemy-occupied areas within 10 days.

Liu Liang delicately choose the soldiers, including Yu Deshui, a sharp shooter, Du Mei, a doctor with superb medical skills, Li Wenquan, a ventriloquist, Sun Erfeng, an excellent Kongfu master, Qi Yongquan, an explosion expert, and Tie Baozhu, a master in wrestling.

20 Episodes TV Series 'No Regrets'

People in China turned over a new leaf, which begins with a salute to the founding ceremony of the People's Republic of China on Tian'anmen Square in 1949. And Tudaotang Hutong takes on a new look. Xiao Dali, a police inspector, comes across Feng Jingbo, a teacher familiar with weapons. It arouses X...

50 Episodes TV Series 'Wishes'

The story begins with a complex love story. Young and beautiful, Liu Huifang, a worker, hesitates between two men, one of whom is Song Dacheng, the deputy director of the workshop, the other is Wang Husheng, a new graduate. When she was a child, Liu Huifang’s father passes away. Mother, with three...

21 Episodes TV Serives "Year after Year"

This TV series was made to celebrate the 50th National Day of China and the approach of the new century. It adopted chronicle form based on the great changes in China after the Open-Door Policy. It is a vivid panorama of society in that period by describing the uneven life and emotional tangles of t...

27 Episodes TV Series "Happiness as Flowers in Bloom"

An unsophisticated love story in a pure and innocent time, The life journey of an actress in the army cultural troupe, Several soldiers' different choice facing happiness and marriage As the characters' fates are changing with times, this TV series gives a vivid description of a romantic love s...

21 Episodes TV Series "A Native of Beijing in New York"

Beijing musician Wang Qiming and his wife Guo Yan were longing for America for many years and finally they went to New York with great expectation and beautiful imagination. However, things were not as smooth and nice as they thought. Under the hard life abroad, Wang Qiming gave up his music and wor...
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