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12 Episodes Documentary 'The Mysterious Red-water River'

Red-water River is a river which spans most part of Gruangxi Autonomous Region. It is a mysterious river that has been being far away from the central plains of China and full of legends, wildness and folk strange matters. It is the colorful painting made of many of secrets and mysteries, however. Several hundreds years ago, famous traveler, Mr. Xuxiake tried very hard to find out the origin of this river but was stopped by a power of immateriality. This great ancient had crossed numerous mountains and rivers for his whole life but failed to walk out several miles among the river origin.

Documentary "The Vanishing Village"

The Vanishing Village is one segment in the documentary series The Spirit of the Shennongjia Mountains. There was an old village - Yinyu River Village in the Shennongjia mountain area In China's Hubei province. In the fall of 1997, a TV crew of Beijing television station set out through the 55 kil...

Documentary "Fervidity Africa – Chinese Acrobatics Troop Visits to Africa"

It is a retrospect about the visit of Chinese acrobatics troops to Sudan, Ethiopia and Guinea in Africa in April, 1960. This documentary reflects that the Chinese acrobatics has become the bridge for the friendly communication between China and Africa and the window through which Chinese people get ...

Documentary "Xian"

Documentary "Xian" records a 90-year-old man with the name Cheng En. He lives in LuZhi Town in SuZhou WuZhong Area, and he spends all his life and money fixing and protecting the old bridges in LuZhi Town. Having more than 2500 years history, LuZhi Town is called "the best water towns in China". L...

Documentary "The Crescent-shaped Spring and Sound Sand Mountain"

his documentary introduces the crescent-shaped spring and the sound sand mountain among the deep place of the dead desert....

Documentary "Hand in Hand"

On April 20th of 2007, A dance of Hand in Hand cooperated by two of handicapped performers was shown on the stage of CCTV. The audience and juries were shocked and touched. The female dancer was a professional dancer and she lost her right arm by an accident when she was 19 years old. The male dance...
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