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350 Episodes Documentary 'Culture China'

Want to appreciate the unique Chinese culture? Follow it right now.

Culture China, a documentary series, introduces Chinese traditional culture. It will make audience remember a piece of culture, appreciate a kind of wisdom, and understand a sort of principle.

The series include 30 episodes of “Confucius”, 5 episodes of “Interesting Talk of Hundred Chinese Surnames”, and 15 episodes of “the Secrets of Qing Dynasty”, etc.

Documentray "Lost in the Gobi"

Synopsis: One day in summer 10 years ago, the famous Chinese adventurer Yu Chunshun walked solely into Luobu, known as the "The Gobi of Death". However, the heroic conqueror was not lucky enough to survive this time. What on earth caused his mysterious death? Did he die from heart attack, poisoning...

Documentary "My Baby"

Synopsis: It is a family suffering from tragedies. The husband’s sudden death has left the wife two mentally-handicapped daughters. Will she be able to foster her children by herself? What decision will she make? This film used massive on-the-spot report paragraphs on recording the life of a famil...

Lifestyle & Fashion Program 'Yummy! Yummy!'

Yummy! Yummy! searches the most unique restaurants or snack bars within the town, and shows you not only the delicious food but also the history or funny stories related. More over, the program offers tips to those failure restaurants, based on a reality “Mass Gourmet’s Try”....

530 Episides Documentary 'Was'

There was something we should remember. There was someone we should respect. The program brings back the typical life of Chinese people in the 20th century. Through interviews with scholars & well-educated guests, along with the video archive, we are getting closer to those celebrities and their ext...

TV Column "Savor the Last Show"

Based on the old albums of folk and opera, the program is threaded by the evolution of certain plays and the development of certain opera branches, the characteristics of actors and the features of stages will be fully represented....
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