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52 Episodes Animated Series 'Pacoo Fruit Bunch'

Pacco Fruit Bunch Transports you to the dreamlike world of Pacoo Island, a bouncy and magical place bursting with light and color. There you will meet Monny, Berry,Canty and Little Pear, a fun-loving group of fruit who meet every day to play in their seaside paradise. Loveable and quirky, they are little creatures full of personality and high spirits,the kind of friends who make you giggle and langh whenever they are around. Under the watchful eye of Mr. And Mrs. Lemon,Monny's wiser and riper parents. The Fruit Bunch spends their time together inventing new games to play and discovering new ways of having fun. Each episodes tells the story of a playtime escapade that takes a magical or fantastic twist. Due to the nature of nature on Pacoo Island, the friends may find themselves climbing a rainbow and gettig stuck on a cloud, or building gravity-defying sandcastles that drift out to sea, or discovering that their milk moustaches can transform them into grown-ups! No matter where their adventures takes them , the rambunctious bunch always sticks together.

26 Episodes Animated Series "Pacoo Fruit Bunch "

"PACOO Fruit Bunch"is quite a sweet fairyland full of sunlight, colors, happiness and fantasy. In the island, there are many little fruits, including Lemon, Strawberry, Hami Melon and Durian, etc. They are curious, clever, outgoing, naughty and cute. They experience many magic stories: They travel i...
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